Monday, April 09, 2007

Geocaching - Blackhawk Park Style

Pooteewheet wasn't feeling well today, so I stayed home to run interference on a non-daycare day while she took a (long) nap. To get Eryn far away, I took her down to Blackhawk park to play at the playground and look for a few geocaching sites around the lake. Walking around the lake turned out to be two miles, part of it up very large hills in the woods. I wore her out good. But we found all three caches. One was disguised as a branch. An enteprising cacher had hollowed it out and set it over the (small) cache which had been screwed to a tree. Tricky! Another was disguised with green, plastic fishtank weeds, and the last one was just in the woods, squirreled away in a big hollow tree. Eryn was excited that we got rid of the little plastic slacker guy she doesn't like, and that we left behind a glow in the dark zombie. She also a.) played on a big cement pipe that fed the lake, although she didn't want to see the fish that had been caught in the worn away cement that lined the pipe, b.) learned about pussywillows and that they feel like a cat's tail and c.) learned to use a walking stick so she could walk up muddy hills easier. When we were standing on the top of the hill, she almost looked like Yoda. She decided to keep the stick and it's currently in the dining room. I hope it doesn't have bugs. She claims it's clean. Eryn also learned that a walking stick is useful for poking holes in the mud, which greatly extended our time outdoors to two hours of just walking, not including playground time.

Good bird watching. The (male) cardinals were out in force. A very good day given I was covering for an unwell wife.


boringsahm said...

Eyrn sounds cute with her Yoda stick, so long as she doesn't start talking to you like him ..."Take me geochching today, Dad, will you?"

Scooter said...

You know, I need to get you and PrincessMax on my blogroll. I'm being very lax. And she does say that...she complains a lot if it's been more than a week - she just can't remember that the last time we went she wore out because of the walk. Memory that it was fun: very long. Memory that it was work: very short. That's sort of nice.

You know...I should have Pooteewheet review a video game or two for you if you're going to be home flipping the knobs.