Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Weekend

Good weekend. Friday I bought a new bike at Freewheel. A Trek 7300 hybrid. It's a little embarrassing that it has a bell on it, but I guess that'll be useful if I bike the lake trails to a burrito (my favorite ride) at the north end of Calhoun. I tricked it out with a rack, clips, and wireless odometer, and I think it'll be a perfect RAGBRAI ride. It is seriously strange being that straight on a bike, but I have a road bike for when I want to mix things up a little. The weather is really rather disheartening for someone with a new bike, however. It was 17 degrees out when I got up yesterday.

Saturday was gaming. We added some new blood this time (S. and P.) and about ten people played at Kyle's place. I had a pretty good time playing Arkham Horror, although the lack of a winner outside either a.) the group or b.) the big monster, was a little strange. I guess you can really be a loser if you get eaten. I took Borat with me and it was playing when Adam's wife, Annie, showed up to pick him up. She came in and asked if we were watching gay porn. Nice!

And Easter was small, but successful. We had family over for a turkey dinner (26# bird...I should really look at the weight rather than just grabbing whatever is on top at the store). Eryn went egg searching this morning and found a dozen eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden, a chocolate bunny (she ate the ears herself, Mom), and ten Cars (the movie) cars that she played with all day. She's just obsessed with them. She also got a copy of Kiki's delivery service from the Easter Bunny, which you can watch while playing with your cars. It was a very healthy alternative to candy.

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Steve Eck said...

I have a Trek hybrid bike similar to what you bought. The upright riding position sucks in the wind, but it sure is comfortable to ride. :)