Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chalk Time

Ming, Julie and Logan bought Eryn a chalk dispenser for her birthday. Not just a little plastic holder for clamping around hand-sized pieces, but a rolling dispenser that takes powdered chalk, much like a surveyer might use. There's chalk all over the driveway. Chalk across the street. It's everywhere. When I biked home last Monday, I got to run around a chalk racing loop.

Ah...the ride home is over, I can relax.

Who's been in my driveway? I can't tell. Who's the culprit? I'll deduce the evil perpetrator by some means.

I found her...she makes a break for it. She intends to escape!

But I'm fast. So fast. I'm zero pounds wasted. And after three laps, she's a little slow.

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