Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You Suck

Pooteewheet sent me an email yesterday that said, "You Suck is here." I pondered it, wondering if she was talking about a relative, a renter or a neighbor. So I called her and asked, "Who is You Suck?" She called me something just short of an idiot and reminded me that I had ordered a book from Amazon: Christopher Moore's You Suck.

In my defense, I know at least one developer whose name sounds a little like You Suck.

Speaking of coworkers, one of them sent an email to a chain I was on today that said, "I resent them including the corrected copyright element." I was confused until I read it again. I guess that's why there are effective emailing classes.

And a manager sent me this link from one of her developers: Is Your App an Ass-Kisser? Not the funniest bit of code humor I've ever read, but an amusing idea, comparing code to stereotypical employee types. But where are the women? Not all code is male!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. I hope i'm not the relative called 'you suck.'