Thursday, March 01, 2007

Son of a Bitch - Chipotle Angst

I didn't care about the snow for the most part. Yeah, it's bad, sure I'll have to shovel more and my back is a little tender already, but I knew my car would make it home and that shoveling is just part of the penance for a life of dissolute sin in Minnesota. I did care that my burrito lunch was snowed out, but I consoled myself with the fact that I could pick up a burrito dinner for my family on the way home from work, after all, it adds all of 1/10th of a mile to my drive.

Then this showed up in my mailbox around 2:30 p.m. Heaven. It's like a free burrito, and just because it's crappy and cold out, which is really the best time for a burrito. So I followed the link to the ordering site to place an order for Pooteewheet, Eryn and myself.

Son of a bitch!

That's like...well, it's like all sorts of perverse things that don't end like you hope they're going to end. They not only took away the free burrito, they took away all of the burritos! I'm boycotting. I will not have a burrito from Chipotle today, as a statement of protest.
I would like to add that if I were going to be snowed in someplace, my choice would not be in my house, with my family, where there's a meager selection of canned food if I have to hunker down for the end of times, but at Chipotle, where there's on the order of 1000 chicken burritos if no one is allowed to redeem their 50% off online order. Seriously, if you work there, I can't imagine you're not better off just staying at work and claiming you had to eat the food to stay alive.

Here's my neighborhood Chipotle in some sort of homoerotic, community college, video. I'm not sure if they're targeting a gay audience, or if it's supposed to be funny, but it doesn't ruin Chipotle for me, it just makes it better for Pooteewheet.

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