Friday, March 09, 2007


ARGH...lost post. I hate that. Stupid IE7. You heard me...I program(med) .NET and I'm cursing at IE7. The whole browser dropped, not Blogger. There's no excuse for that crap, and no excuse for not saving what you were working on in the cache if it does drop. Curses! Now I shall have to remember what I wrote, but better!

TechCrunch has a link to the Kegulator. Never again will you worry about whether you have enough beer to appropriately inebriate your guests. Ample allowance is given for spillage, so a stray cup or two (I've set one upside down in my time) won't ruin anyone's buzz.

TechCrunch is a fun blog. They primarily talk about mashups and web 2.0 technologies. Like Beer Hunter, so you don't ever have to worry about finding a beer in Toronto again. Worrying about that is one of the reasons I seldom go to Canada.

Project Guttenberg has me concerned. The other day I looked at their most popular ebooks, and they had listed the books below. "Hey, baby, want to see my new 'machine'? I built it myself."
  • Kamasutra by Vatsyayana
  • Manual of Surgery by Alexander Miles and Alexis Thomson
  • Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases by Grenville Kleiser
  • The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
And I was going to post this bit about the Twiddler, because I saw it online and thought it sounded an awful lot like Diddler. Yes, I'm twelve...leave me alone. But then this exact same picture showed up in a book I was reading about Ambient Findability, along with a story about a guy who made a velcro holster for it so he could draw it into a useable position in under two seconds. And the guy who wrote the book is going to be in Minneapolis to speak at two conferences. One of the conferences sponsored by one of my company's affiliates. That's just weird. Six degrees of Scooteration.