Thursday, March 15, 2007

Freudian Thought

When I first read this, "instant messaging for daily microcoordination at one's workplace", I read "microindoctrination" instead of "microcoordination"...a Freudian brain slip perhaps? I'm surprised, my company is very good about letting me think whatever I like. I'm guessing it's all those dystopic novels and commentary I read (I have commentary on Brave New World sitting on the table upstairs right now). After a while, everything is newspeak and indoctrination. I should probably copyright microindoctrination. I bet it's a new word.

The source of the quote is from some social computing and social networking articles I was rereading on Wikipedia today. Good stuff. I think social computing is fascinating, particularly as you can almost see it after a while if you work with the same sets of data day to day.

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