Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Few Stupid Observations for the Day

Observation #1: there's a button on voice mail (at work) that, if you bump it, slows down the speed at which your voice mail is delivered. Not the time between items, but the actual voice speed. It feels like it's coming across at about 70% normal speed. I got the treat of feeling like my brother was addressing me like some sort of mental defective as his one minute message took like 100 seconds. I wonder if the world just sounds like that to some people.
Observation #2: a guy came out of one of the company bathrooms carrying a Magic the Gathering collectible card game card box. What the hell are you doing in the bathroom with a box full of cards? Sorting them? Ick. Little known fact that should probably stay unknown, but what the hell...I have a refusal letter for an article from the Magic magazine people. Seriously. And I've placed first and second in two tournaments. In my defense, it was all like seven years ago, and I didn't win playing anyone in a bathroom stall.
Observation #3: Planet Dan has a cool link up to the Rasterbater. That's not nearly as dirty as it sounds. It's just a way to take a picture and turn it into the same picture, but on 60 sheets of paper (or more, or less, depending on your preference). Not the same picture on sixty different sheets, but the picture spread across sixty sheets so you can make a big 6x10 foot picture on, oh, someone's cube wall - maybe a picture of them hanging out with Condoleeza Rice. Don't fear Mean Mr. Mustard, I stuck to rasterbating the picture of the Boss lounging in front of the corporate offices. Maybe I'll scare Pooteewheet some day by putting a big picture of me on our bedroom ceiling.


Anonymous said...

If you REALLY want to scare her, put a big picture of Dan up there!

PTW said...

How about a picture of Cleo crashing through the ceiling?