Sunday, March 11, 2007


Why do news sources so often state in articles about Ann Coulter things like in this AP article, "an attractive, articulate blonde conservative". No. She is not attractive. And I don't say that as a liberal who finds her unattractive because of her views. I'm not simply flipping the conservative feminists-are-ugly line. She's simply, unequivocably, to me, unattractive. I strongly side with those who refer to her as a bit mannish, and absolutely agree with anyone that thinks she looks just a little off, a little crazy, and not in an I-know-there's-a-conservative-behind-those-eyes crazy way, but in a non-partisan batshit sort of way. Angelina Jolie does all sorts of work for the U.N. Do news sources preface articles about her work with refugees, "hot, articulate, brunette humanitarian"? No...they don't have to. Because she is hot, so you don't have to be told she's hot. That's how it works.

If you're concerned about politicos and hotness, here are 27 pages you can read about Australian politicians and attractiveness = votes. Although I fail to understand how there could be attractive female politicians in Australia. After all, their men come here and marry our sisters, so the pool of attractive women must be rather limited.

Anyway, back to Coulter. While the AP is insisting she's hot, I think Yahoo advertising is on the ball. I hope she appreciates the advertisements that they place next to articles about her.

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tom.elko said...

Why don't they mention that she lacks a sense of style, and can often be seen in the same skimpy black cocktail dress that is oh-so early 90's. Apparently style is no longer attractive.