Thursday, March 01, 2007

Asian Week

I'm not going to talk about that whole North Korea no-enriched-uranium (Carpter Bagger Report via the Wege), now they have plutonium weapons, crap, ala our act-first, think-second, executive branch. That's just...just so f-ed I can't stand it.

Instead, I'm going to point you at this piece about why Asians hate Blacks (Generic Heretic) - ala Kenneth Eng. I've never really given any thought to the idea that there might be Asian Supremicists. But there are Black Supremicists (wiki - neutrality disputed), so I guess it makes sense. If you're interested, Asian Supremacy has a stub at Wikipedia that needs an owner (come on, LissyJo, you know you want to p0wn it). Here's an alternate bit at Editor & Publisher. Personally, I take the Shakespearian approach...a racist by any other name is still a racist, who cares who they're racist against, the attitude sucks.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah--i heard about the whole asians-hating-blacks on mpr. Sucks that they're asian. It was a much more interesting story when the black-haters were white and from the south. Not acceptable, just interesting.