Monday, February 19, 2007

Guitar Eryn

I particularly like it that Eryn falls over before she even starts playing the guitar. Maybe she's practicing the drunk-on-stage routine. I think Erik's band could learn a few things here about making up new tunes on the fly. In case you can't identify them, they are, in order, "Don't", "What", and "Backspace". She later told me that last one was an ode to programmers with poor typing skills.

"What" led to a fun exchange with Pooteewheet:

Me: Eryn was playing "What".
Pooteewheet: She was playing what?
Me: Yeah. "What."
Pooteeewheet: . . .

Very old school comedy.

1 comment:

Linzy Eck said...

Funny!!! I also like the hand wipe across the mouth to get ready to sing and play the guitar!!!
You really do have a Rock Star on your hands!