Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Biking and A Piercing Question

February totals were 401.56 miles, 1322:22.5 minutes and 35,765.5 adjusted calories. 8 miles short of last month, but there were 3 fewer days and I had several days in Chicago, so my per day average was a bit better. Weekends are up to 36/24, so the long distance ride is sneaking up to something approaching what I'll be doing when it actually seems warm enough to join the bike group on a ride. And I started fiddling with the incline this week, cranking it up to 3% for 2 minutes every fiften minutes. Doesn't really use many more calories, but I can certainly feel it in my legs. Damn fake hills.

Since I started this particular training program, I've done about 950 miles (almost exactly). I'm not sure where that would put me if I had left from home, but probably somewhere about Minnetonka, as the snow and the cold would have stopped me after 30 miles.

Random, unrelated discussion point. Minnesota wants to make kids have their parents along for piercings. But there's an exception in the bill for ear piercing. Can someone please tell me why ear piercing gets an exception as opposed to a belly button piercing or a nose piercing? If you're Indian, do you have to have your parents along for a nose piercing given it seems to be more culturally acceptable to have a nose piercing if you're Indian?


Anonymous said...

Are you going to the minneapolis bike expo at the convention center this w/e? We are...

Scooter said...

Sorry, LJ,

it's snowing. Actually, that's no excuse. I talked about the expo with my friend from work, and we discussed whether we'd go, and then I decided maybe I should do the company taxes, and personal taxes, and shovel my drive, and do all sorts of things that don't involve spending money on a bike...yet. But I'd like to spend money on going to Orphan want to go?