Monday, February 12, 2007


Sorry about that hiatus. I was in Chicago for the weekend, or what's close enough to Chicago to count in horseshoes. Kyle and I went out there on a three-day weekend to play games with old friends, eat some sushi at Kamehachi, and eat breakfast at the I-30 cafe which has an excellent cup of coffee and a killer greek omelet with feta and gyros.

Gaming is gaming, so not much to talk about there. I spent most of the weekend recovering from being sick last Wednesday. I got over the sore throat, but the congestion wouldn't go away. In the morning I was clear, and then it just got worse and worse all day until the evening when it was like I was sitting in the middle of a field full of ragweed.

The highlight of the weekend was actually missed by Kyle and me (we were off to sushi by that point, watching some little kid sit outside the VIP room with his arms cross, an exaggerated frown on his face, and his body pointed alternately toward the wall or the restaurant, depending on who was watching. He may have just been crabby about the 20-some year old guy who was sporting mutton chops. WTF? I think the only time that's appropriate is if you're reenacting Sherlock Holmes mysteries for a living). Seems that the same gamer who backed up a toilet at our last gaming event with this group backed up a toilet again. But this time it was in one of the other gamers brand new house.

So new it didn't have a plunger.

Two of the other (young) gamers (i.e. college age children of the gamers we used to game with) had to go find plunging equipment so the gaming could continue. I think people should just start announcing, "I have to go take a xxxxx." Or he needs to learn how to flush a few times in the middle.

Here's a story for Kyle. I'm guessing he'll know why I didn't share it mid-trip. Primarily because I didn't want to deal with it for the next 48 hours, because I deserved it. Instead of giving him the truth, I told him I forgot my tooth paste. But what's this? Theres toothpaste in my leak-proof, plastic sundries bag. I just seem to like the generic stuff.

Then again. Maybe not. This is a disgusting way to be proactively concerned about my wife's health. Fortunately, it had a warning on it, so I didn't just make do with whatever I had in a tube.

Speaking of disgusting, white things that you shouldn't put in your mouth...I bought this iced, honey bun for Kyle because it was on sale right inside the door of one of the gas stations on the way home. They make them near St. Louis if you ever want to pick up a box. It actually looks considerably more disgusting in person. Like someone took a big, white, moist dump in a plastic bag; not like what you'd picture if you were thinking about an iced, honey bun. It's so moist you can see the water droplets beading up inside. I did a very good job of not snickering while I bought it, just so I could leave it on Kyle's car seat. The cashier comped me a penny so I didn't have to get lots of change back. I'll always wonder if that was some sort of nod to the fact that I was the first person to buy one. And at only about 550 calories per serving, it might be worth picking up a few dozen in order to survive the post apocalypse.

Finally, this was in my Wisconsin Dells guide book. Kyle thinks it makes them look like the victims of some fetish gone horribly wrong. I think they were just a little overzealous with the chocolate iced honey buns.


PrincessMax said...

Thanks for the coding help, Scooter.

I'll also add another to the list of when it's appropriate to wear mutton-chops: For my 30th birthday part, which will be on October 27th of this upcoming year, I will be attending as Isaac Asimov. I'm already working with my costume designer friend to create the wig pieces and to alter the big plaid, 70s suit.

Anonymous said...

I think you must have been under the influence of cold medications while packing your grooming items. It would also explain the box of tampons you were toting along in your laundry basket of clothes - I didn't feel I should say anything. Who am I to judge your packing decisions?

Your photo is a good lesson in making sure you are alert annd awake when packing for a trip...