Monday, January 08, 2007


Christy came back from her cruise with her son, her ex, and her mother. Don't ask me to expain. She understands the family dynamics, I guess that's enough. The Scooter clan was put in charge of watching the cats while she was gone, so she brought back a treat that we could all share...Rum cake. 1600 calories in a box too small for two Chipotle burritos. Scary. Scarier? Everyone on the ship was starting to come down with Norwalk virus toward the end of the trip and puking all over the ship. I'm not even sure I want to touch the box, let alone the cake inside the box. If Tortuga sounds familiar, it's because you heard Johnny Depp talking about it in Pirates of the Caribbean. Famous home of piracy and rum cake. I assume the later was the case because when the governor imported 1650 prositutes, there were too many to service the population, so they had to resort to cooking.

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PTW said...

Christy brought me hoor cake?