Friday, January 19, 2007


I finished my first month of biking a few days ago on my current training program. Since I started (i.e. in the last month) I've biked 325.91 miles in 1,150 min. 13.9 seconds, using up 29,326.9 calories. I know that seems like a lot of calories, and it may be high. I just take the number my Cyclosimulator gives me (riding on a 2% grade with the wind fan on) and multiply by 1.6 for weight differential. That means if I continue to lose weight, I'll have to lower that number to adjust (and really it needs a modifier as I bike more because you get stronger). I think this week may be the first week I hit 100 miles (last week was 96.04), so that's exciting. But it's not anywhere near the 70-90 a day I'd be rolling on RAGBRAI, which is my goal this summer, or the 100 (strong) miles in a day I'll need to be able to do if I try to up my mileage on the Ironman and go the long haul with Pete this year (my Ironman 2005, 2006).

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you have the amount of miles per day right? But, I guess I will be ready. With 10,000 I could get up in the morning and still be riding with bikers by evening. Start at the front and end in the rear every day! That gives me six months to get their and lose 15 pounds. Should be managable.