Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blogging from the mall

I'm waiting for dinner and it's boring. So I'm going to blog from my Blackberry until the reservation buzzer goes off. I saw the outside ticket office that MNSpeak was talking about at Rosedale. They're insane. That looks freaking cold! Are they trying to make people stay home and watch DVDs?

Eryn just had a head-to-head collision on the playground. Looked pretty cool from 20 feet up with violin music in the background (live, at the jewelry store). My hand is cramping. This is a stupid way to blog.

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Anonymous said...

I think I meant to blog about the movie theater there and never got to it - I was standing in line at that movie theater waiting to buy a giftcard for a xmas present - talking to the folks behind me about how odd it was to put an outdoor ticket-buying area in MN, when a very unattractive woman in front of me finished her transaction and proceeded to yell at the poor manager behind the glass about how stupid it was to have this type of set-up in MN, etc. She looked to us for agreement, I gave her a look that said don't include me in your rant, you psycho. Then I went to the window and apologized to the guy for what he had just endured. It's certainly not his fault it was designed that way - he probably had no input on it whatsoever. I followed the scary woman (and her female friend) back to our cars, where she hopped into a Honda Element with a rainbow sticker on the bumper. Ahhhh - ugly lesbian with a grudge against the world. It all makes sense now....