Sunday, December 17, 2006


I hate getting sick...hate it. I think I've said that before. This was at least not a horrible sickeness. Friday morning I had what I thought was an allergic reaction, followed by a day of being colder than I thought was reasonable. Saturday morning I went to the company Christmas party and thought that waiting for Santa for an hour had sort of worn me out. By the time I got home, I was treated to alternating shivers and sweats and bowel problems best left to the imagination. The shivering was the worst. I lay in front of the t.v. covered with three blankets and a sleeping bag and twitched until my muscles hurt. Fortunately, today, it seems to be going away. But it kind of mucks up the weekend.

Here's Eryn with Mr. and Mrs. Claus after our hour wandering back and forth in the TU library. Eryn told Santa she wants a Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD. She refused to sit on his lap and was nervous about standing next to him, but Mrs. Claus convinced her she could stand next to her.

Here's Eryn at my new cube with the pole (behind her). Her comment, "This is small." Thanks, honey. Obviously, it's still possible to get your work done. I gave her my company calendar and she found the day where it said Children's Christmas Party and was all excited.

Unrelated...Grandma sent Eryn a Mumu. It looks exactly like something my mother would wear herself, so it's weird to see Eryn running around the house in it.

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