Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Place Your Hand...

Pooteewheet blogged about Ellison and the Qu'ran controversy, but I particularly enjoyed rew's bit on Power Liberal because it has the reference to the New Ulm Journal, and my friend Klund lives very close to New Ulm. While it might be argued that St. Peter is at least some distance from the home of Schell's Brewery, it's not so far that I've haven't biked from Klund's front yard to Schell's (now defunct) Summerfest. Note that it involved almost-nudity in his yard (sure...mine...yuck, but still, nudity) and almost dying on the ride home because it was so freaking hot - get some damn trees, it's not an interstate!

Via rew:
"First, the story of Congressman-elect Keith Ellison swearing on the Qu'ran has moved into the rural papers. The New Ulm Journal, the only paper in the 1st District to endorse the Republican Congresional candidate in the last election, has written an op/ed piece supporting Ellison's right to swear by whatever is sacred to him. And according to the new blog Forum Focus, which is dedicated to tracking the 20 Forum papers located in Minnesota, Dennis Prager's original column attacking Ellison ran last week in the Morris Sun Tribune but none of the AP or MCclatchy wire follow-ups ever ran."

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klund said...

When I get elected to Congress, I'm going to be sworn in on Lamb.