Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Gyre

I have been at my current employer since 1999. When I was there originally, I was a consultant. That lasted about 2 years, until I found a group that I really felt like joining. But before that I was on a group that was working with the premier proprietary database for this international company. As of Monday I have a new job, and I'm busy reading hundreds of documents about this database that was started about the time I began my tenure with the company.

I'm 1/3 the way into a document about the database and it collection structure and I get to the part where all the collections are named Apong###. I looked at it, and I yelled upstairs to my wife, "Hey, all the collections in my document are called 'Apong something or other'". Pooteewheet yells back (I paraphrase, but close), "Ming's collections are in your document?"

That's right, in a huge company, larger than my home town, I can identify the individual developer involved in the samples in the documentation by the name of his fake development collections.

Note that he gave me crap for years about how "apong" was some sort of Malaysian swear word I wouldn't be able to find on the web. Well, he was right...not the web, but legacy documents, no problem.

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Anonymous said...

Image of an Apong:

Which body part does it remind you of? and that's Apong too.