Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Excel 101

I hate all of you who send me Excel Workbooks with three worksheets, two of which are blank. I simply can't trust you to not put important data on those other worksheets, even though you assure me that if you were to put data there, you'd rename the sheets. After all, if you're too lazy to select Tools from the menu, followed by the options selection, and then click into the general tab and change the 3 to a 1 once, then there's no assurance you're not so lazy that you wouldn't put meaningful data on "Sheet2" or "Sheet3".


Steve Eck said...

What if they're too lazy to figure out that triple negative in the last sentence and thus aren't sure whether the whole 'default sheets per workbook' setting applies to them?

Your whole post could be for not.

Scooter said...

One negative for each sheet, Steve. Even the original valid one.

Sarah said...

It could be worse, we had a company-wide default setting of 12 sheets back in '98, that was just so ridiculous.