Monday, December 11, 2006

Beer Beer Beer...

None of these were consumed tonight (poker at Tall Brad's is to blame for three of them), but this is a smattering of beer I picked up at Blue Max Liquor last time I was down there, taking advantage of their buy a single(s) option. The one kept in brandy casks (Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale) was good, but I didn't like the vanilla flavoring. I think vanilla flavoring ruins beer. I might feel differently if I were to drink say, half a vanilla-flavored beer, but a whole one always starts to taste sort of nasty. The Snow Cap was probably the tastiest of them if you're not into hops - it was just a solid offering. If you're into hops, Hop Slam is delicious. You might as well be drinking liquid hop flavor. The Reverend (the tall one) is supposed to be outstanding, but I found it merely standing, although high in alcohol.

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