Saturday, November 18, 2006

Turkey Gravy

Pooteewheet bought us turkey gravy for our Thanksgiving feast. This would have been fine, except the turkey I get from work comes with a gravy packet in it. The last two years I forgot about the built-in gravy and bought packets. This year she forgot. It's starting to add up, particularly when some of the gravy has 25% more! (5 servings of gravy, instead of 4). We now have gravy for 29 Thanksgiving visitors if you don't count what comes with the turkey. If nuclear apocalypse comes and disrupts the food supply, I think it will help make the dog and cat a bit more edible (insert you own A Boy and His Dog joke here if you know the ending).


Anonymous said...

Which of the packages are the same? Or which one is different? Then one has 25% more. So does the 29 still stand when one has more in it? Will think of you while we are in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I checked McCormick's website for some ideas on how to use up all those gravy packets. Here's what I found:

Perfect Turkey Gravy
Simply Perfect Turkey Gravy (looks the same as Perfect Turkey Gravy - maybe you just get someone else to stir it for you?)
Homestyle Gravy
Terrific Turkey Gravy
Easy Turkey and Rice
Turnaround Turkey and Rice
Timesaving Turkey Pot Pie
Quick & Tasty Turkey Pot Pie
All American Turkey Burgers
Open-Face Hot Turkey Sandwich
Festive Holiday Brunch Cups

With this many options, you should have no problem using up all those packets. You may even want to make a run to the store to pick up some more.

For your post-apocalyptic dining you should maybe consider stashing away a few packets of McCormick's Beef & Herb Gravy Mix. I think it might pair well with the stronger, gamier flavors I would imagine you'd be likely to find when preparing dog or cat. McCormick didn't have any suggestions for those, so I'm just going with my gut feeling on this one...