Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I had Monday off, and Eryn was gone on Sunday and most of Monday. I spent some time working both days, but managed to sneak in not one, but two movies, with Pooteewheet. Two at the theater that is, we also watched two at home via Netflix:

The Prestige - amazingly good. We watched The Illusionist a few months ago, and when we did, I thought I was going to this movie as I'd seen the previews already and it looked suspenseful. The Illusionist was not suspenseful. This movie was. They really pushed the rivalry between the magicians and how it is almost unnatural in its intensity, until it actually becomes unnatural. Really a wild tale.

Deliver Us From Evil - worthy of the 100% it got on Rottentomatoes. Mean Mr. Mustard might remember all the issues the Catholics diocese in L.A. was having in the '80's, and this documentary follows the path of a pedophile priest as he's transferred from church to church to keep him away from the law and smooth the path for the priests in power. It's amazing, because this priest, who's free and living in Ireland (for a while with a family with children, unaware of his history as a pedophile), has a history of abusing so many children, and in his demeanor he doesn't seem repentant at all. You expect him to give more than lip service in his apologies, but instead you get the feeling that his apologies are only a way to force his victims to have to forgive him in an attempt to victimize them all over again.

The Future of Food - a little boring because I already knew so much of this, and because it parallels Fast Food Nation (which I read) in some ways. I find the idea of suicide/terminator seeds terrifying, and the fact that bioengineered plants spread like the dinosaurs on Jurrasic Park and the patent infringement falls on the farmer whose field has been contaminated is something that only seed companies can understand, because it makes no f-ing logical sense. How the hell can you throw your crap on someone else's property and then accuse them of keeping it in violation of patent law when they can't tell it apart from their own crap without a plant-by-plant genetic test? You might as well claim a patent on a kind of dirt, throw it in their yard, and claim patent infringement.

Kinky Boots - Just another version of all those movies where someone turns their business around with something "different" growing pot, or selling your cheese as a new hockey rink this case it's turning a men's shoe factory into a boot factory for cross dressers. You know that during the transition an important life lesson is pot is really evil, or cheese makes a shitty substitute for ice, or cross dressers are people too. If you've seen one of those other movies, you've seen this one, and the one you saw was probably better.


Steve Eck said...

I really liked The Prestige. I didn't exactly know what to expect going in, but it turned out to be very enjoyable.

Scooter said...

I read your post, although I skipped most of it and came back later so I wouldn't inadvertantly read a spoiler.