Sunday, November 05, 2006


Update: oh my...I found the problem. Conflict of programs. I probably can't blog about it - not because it's illegal software, far from it. If you know me, you can ask offline and I'll explain why it's extremely funny. - Scooter

I have to say that my IE7 install at home didn't go as planned. You see, it won't let me move off the home page...I type in, and it goes nowhere. I type in I tried preprending http:// I tried my ftp://. Nope. Unless I actually set up the site in the tabs using the tools, home page section, I can't browse to any site other than the defaults, and that's not browsing, that's just staring at the defaults. I guess I could set up a page with all my favorites, or just use the favorites, but that seems pretty damn lame. Maybe this is the new "anti-phishing" technology. I can't be lured into wrong decisions if I can't actually use the web.

Fortunately, I'm not a one browser household. We run Firefox and Opera 9 as well. Both work almost equally as well except when it comes to ftp-ing files to my ftp site and I set that up as a default tab in IE until I can figure out how to repair the install.

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