Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friends Have Been Posting

So there have been elections, Rummy's resigned, and all sorts of goings on, and what have I been blogging about? Pooping, chess matches in Australia, big rats in the parking lot, and rental property. Just to make sure no one is worried, Pooteewheet, Eryn and I did go to vote. Eryn couldn't vote, but she was interested in watching the process and took very seriously her orders not to talk about individual candidates while in the polling place.

Fortunately, the bloggers on my "friends, not family" list are really busy and have some good posts this week. I summarize a few of my favorites (before I sadly go back to working on the code for release that is keeping me out of code camp today).

Unblague wishes everyone a Happy Veteran's Day. A shout out to vets everywhere, particularly my friend Dan'l. Hope he gets some quiet time to himself today to blow up things on the computer.

Speaking of Dan'l, Joe the Povert notes that robots think we taste like bacon. Based on the amount of bacon Dan'l has consumed in his life, there's probably some validity to this. I think it's amusing someone else tasted like prosciutto...what's that about, you taste like bacon with a little bit of b.o. funk?

Robots apparently have jokes of their own they tell to each other about themselves. Fimoculous links to McSweeney's. I like the one about knock knock, who's there, a robot, oh, shit. Reminds me of Eryn's "spooky man" joke which just ends with maniacal laughter.

Boing Boing points out that someone is trying to create Elvish Esperanto. Yeah, Boing Boing can't possibly be my "friend" (although in MySpace parlance, everyone can be my friend - so...well...there), but Kyle is, and he once tried to teach himself runes (actually, I think he succeeded, it wasn't just trying), so that link is for him. He can whip out his mad elvish esperanto skillz at the next boardgaming day.

Steve Eck blogs about Ms. Dewey, the search engine with video interaction. That's a lot of waiting for a search - but certainly amusing the first several times. I liked it when she made the intern drink from a beaker during a physics question and the riding crop that came out for S&M. I figure they'll strap that damn BK chicken to an engine soon based on this, although I prefer attractive and exotic women answering my questions.

Planet Dan takes on some Minnesotan's feelings about the election of Michele Bachmann. Sure, the big picture is brighter and rosier, but we still have to face the fact that we have a lunatic speaking for us. While he's at it, he photoshops a very nice picture of her, questions the independent vote (if only all 42% of you had voted for this other candidate, Bachmann wouldn't have been elected!), and posts that wonderful picture of the Santorum family with the little girl dressed just like her doll. Pooteewheet once dressed up in her Mrs. Beasley's clothes, so she probably feels for her.

And Pharyngula links to a UTI mockumentary about prunes and fiber being the devil. Speaking of which, Eryn is not-so-firmly (punny) in the throes of getting rid of all that backed up evil that had me taking her to the doctor this week. She actually looks thinner she's gone so much, and her cheerfulness level is off the scale.

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