Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eryn's Doctor Visit

So I had to bail on work at 9:00 this morning to head home and get Eryn ready to go to the clinic on a sudden visit. She went to see Erin the doctor...I think that's a good role model. Anyway, there was no emergency, unless you consider several days of not pooping a serious issue. I would, but then I'd consider it a prelude to some sort of serious age-related breakdown. In a little kid it's a bit less worrisome as it happens sometimes when their diet is just off (and it changes quickly when they're growing up or out) or if there's potty training involved. Eryn's case is a little more long term as we've been in for the issue before and tried a bunch of different remedies with no success. They seem to work initially and then just sort of quit working.

This time they took an x-ray to check out just how full of crap she is (that'd be a funnier joke if it were Pooteewheet with the problem) so they have a base to compare against next time (her colon is more than full), and gave me advice on how to increase her glycolax intake and start her on clear benefiber so that she moves up to three bowel movements a day (four is bad...stick to three) instead of one every other day, which seemed to be the norm, or one every 3-4 days as seems to be the current case.

After that, we headed over to Target for the Benefiber and a copy of Cars, because if you're sitting at home sucking down Benefiber and your butt and stomach hurt until you cry, you should have something to take your mind off the discomfort. Cars doesn't quite fix it, but it is distracting.

I can't help thinking that if it had been Eryn that came down with Norwalk on Saturday instead of my niece and sister, maybe the squirts coupled with the constipation would have just evened Eryn out. But there's that whole puking thing too, and the chance I'd catch no thanks.

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