Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Daily Nut

Lately I've been watching The Daily Nut podcast (video cast) via iTunes. I'm not sure why they list it as explicit. Sure, if you watch Attack of the Show on G4TV, Olivia Munn wears some racy clothes and Kevin Pereira makes a few raunchy comments on her behalf, but it would be difficult to call it "explicit", at least any more explicit than the worst of Friends or the best of Coupling. Although "explicit" might be applicable to the cast's participation in the 10 Scariest Games of all time where they reenacted the movie Saw using, among other things, Dance Dance Revolution and a bear trap.

In catching up on about a month's worth of backlogged podcasts, I had a few favorite videos that I thought might be worth sharing with friends (invariably from

Mufasta - for Mean Mr. Mustard who, for a while, seemed to have an obsession with the Nigerian scam.

Also for Mean Mr. Mustard. He was only now getting around to sending me the video with the treadmills, so maybe this will help him catch up culture wise. And I think he's a Lakers fan...although maybe this rap will help him change his mind.

For Scott (Ox) and probably for Kyle. Based on Kyle's love of MST3K, he'll probably enjoy this. Based on Scott's tendency to do things clown-related, maybe this will serve as a warning.

For my brother in law and niece. She's lucky her daddy escaped Australia alive with kangaroos like this. I wonder if this is what Dan Savage was talking about when he was going over the details of getting a donkey punch. If a kangaroo punches you and your sphincter contracts, is that still bestiality?

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