Thursday, October 19, 2006

Singing Toilet

I was just in the downstairs bathroom and heard singing. Sort of like you'd expect to hear if you were in the desert and a lot of people were ululating far away. It got louder, quieter, increased in pitch, sounded like a few others joined in with differing voices, then they faded out and left a solitary singer. It was down right strange. I looked all around and then finally popped the top off the tank and it got significantly louder. So I gave the float a jiggle and it disappeared. My toilet is full of the spirits of the damned...I'm a little creeped out.


Anonymous said...

Did the sun of the desert get to you or the white sand in your ear or between your toes?

She says said...

Maybe not so weird. Perhaps another bathroom appliance in this line...?

Anonymous said...

I think you may have been straining too hard towards accomplishing your bathroom goal, and put yourself into some sort of out-of-body experience state. I think fighter pilots refer to it as a red-out; too much blood to the brain, not away from it. Good thing you moved away from the voices, otherwise you could have stroked out :)