Saturday, October 28, 2006

Post Eviction

I now have the wonderful experience of having evicted someone under my belt. To be entirely truthful, my brother experienced it more than me, as he was the one who went to court (just for the eviction so far. The money is a separate visit), but it's also my company, so it was also my evicting. I have to say I am not impressed. Not impressed that someone would take advantage of us even though we tried to make things work for her. Not impressed that someone would leave behind an entire garage full of what seems to be garbage. The rules for post-eviction garbage are that you must keep it for 60 days. So yesterday I spent my day off loading old tires, handcuffs, male review cards, probation notices, mother's day cards, crosses (the Christian kind for your walls), furniture, and Halloween baskets (yep, they left their daughter's Halloween baskets and Easter baskets behind) into a Pod so that it can be stored for a few months before it's dumped. Heck of a good time.

My friend Ming always likes to see visual proof that I'm not just some crazy, grumpy landlord making things up, so Pooteewheet visually detailed some of it for him. These pictures don't really do the whole thing justice as they don't show the Pod completely loaded with junk, and they don't show all the furniture from inside the house that had to be moved to the garage, and then to the Pod. The dressers with food in it, old condom wrappers, kids toys, and what seemed like an endless supply of shoes. Here's against the wall, closest to where you'd go in the house.

Far side of the garage. That near basket has what looks like a bullet proof vest in it, but which I think is an exercise vest, and somewhere in there is a "how to sell cleaning supplies to your neighbors by showing them the effect the have on your house" sellers kit. That closest space eventually was filled up with a sofa, loveseat, dresser and several chairs.

Old washer and dryer. Her's, not ours. We provide nicer ones in the laundry room. Note the political sign...Lloyd Cybart, local Republican. skipping, junk leaving, poop and blood in a bedroom (puppy, I hope) leaving, no-yard work, probation notice in garage, evicted renter is a hardcore Christian Republican. Hard working, house fixing, works with section 8 landlords...Democrats. So Lloyd Cybart...what is it that makes you the candidate for people who want to break their leases and not pay their rent? Is it that Guardian of Small Businesses award? I realize you can't control the people who vote for you, but your supporters have certainly not helped swing my vote toward the Republican camp.

And the beginning of moving the furniture into the garage. We had to pile stuff on top of the couch and loveseat just to make sure we had a path to get out of the garage.

Finally...just to make it more interesting, you can watch the video. Not exciting, but maybe it'll give you a better feel for how big of a mess we were wandering around in.

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She says said...

I'm thinking... yard sale, bon fire and tax write-off (for the expenses and non-payment of rent)... in that order.

Or maybe skip the yard sale since it will be too cold to do that when the 60 days have expired.