Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Parliament, Foley and Scouts

I was just watching the Olbermann commentary on Foley (Crooks and Liars) where it sounds like they're actually shouting down Pelosi on the floor...are we going to start having the whole British Parliament thing where it's a shouting and hissing match rather than actual governance? As a history major who specialized in Tudor/Stuart history, maybe I should find that appealing in an Anglophile sort of way...but I'd really prefer not to go the way of the catcalls and personal attacks. "Will the gentleman from Florida who emailed the pages about his horniess..."

Not to mention it all smacks of a bit of Black Adder. Ah...the hot crumpet of shame burning on the backsides of those future lords republican toastracks...horrible.

I think Foley has a better leg to stand on than Clinton, however. When they ask him questions and he says, "Can you define 'im'" there will be some wiggle room between "i am" and "instant message".

For the record...Foley is not a Democrat. Regardless of what Fox (Wonkette, Wonkette again, alt Boing Boing), the AP (Huffington Post), or Bill O'Reilly (Crooks and Liars) have to say. He's been a Republican and e-stalking pages since 1995, and no amount of disinformation is going to change that.

~Tild has a nice graphic up to commemorate the scandal. I really enjoy her retro stylings.

And all this talk about young, nubile, male bodies reminds me that it's been almost exactly 21 years since I got my Eagle in the Scouts. October 8th is the anniversary. I was showing Eryn the bronze, silver and gold palms and the card signed by Ronnie (the Gipper...little known fact, I was born in California while he was governor - Mean Mr. Mustard could have been my baby sitter if we'd have lived in the same neighborhood) just a day or two ago. Fortunately for me, I was Methodist, had little interest in serving in politics, and had a great Scout leader who was also my English teacher, and not a perv into sixteen year olds. I completely managed to miss the trifecta of Catholic-Scouts-Politics that seems to ensure eventual therapy and probable lawsuits.


Tild Dallelie said...

Hey, thanks for the link, Scooter!

And are you ever going to join us at DL one of these days?

Scooter said...

Sigh...I keep meaning to come, and then realize that my wife has her own business that sometimes involves staying at work a little later, which makes the haul from Eagan at the last minute a bit of a problem. I do miss hanging - I was never very talkative, but I love to listen to Robin rap.