Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hamline Graduate

Apparently, if you're a graduate of Hamline University, particularly the MALS program, like I am, you've got some sort of sexy author ethos going for you, at least per this advertisement in The Rake. I'm trying to figure out if the positioning/use of the word voracious is meant to imply mental and physical voraciousness in some sort of not-so-subliminal way. I think they should have profiled me - maybe taken a picture of me sitting in my six-by-six foot cube with a link to an online profile where I explain how you can get a masters in creative writing and use it to write detailed specifications, in-depth requirements documents, accessible explanations of architecture diagrams, and the odd blog post. Sexy. Damn sexy.

On a positive note, you probably never have to go to school with anyone who can't remember how to spell "voracious curiosity".

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