Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007 is officially over for us. I believe the teenagers I just dumped handfuls of candy upon were our last harrah. Conner came over to visit this year and he and Eryn bundled into the wagon to cruise the neighborhood. Conner was a very pink princess (at least he had a pink dress and a tiara) and Eryn was an octopus, outfit courtesy of Grandma Ellen. She wasn't sure what she wanted to be this year, and I thought to myself...what would a blogger wear? I couldn't formulate an appropriate blogger idea, so my train of thought moved to, what would a blogger I've met wear? And the first thing that came to mind was P.Z. Myers obsession with cephalopods. Eryn was excited about being an octopus...although I imagine she was picturing the one on The Wiggles. Pooteewheet showed her a bunch of videos on YouTube to get her in the octopus-ing mood.

Conner in his dress and tiara.

Approaching a scary door. Not the scariest, but at their age they're all just a little scary.

This was probably the scariest door. Scary faces in the upper windows, an arm hanging out the car door in the driveway, tombstones, monsters, stacks of skulls...the kids didn't know what to think.

One of the videos Pooteewheet showed Eryn was the one where the octopus eats the shark. She reenacted it for us.


A close up. I don't think you can see the buttons on the arms - they actually snap into various places so you can rearrange the arm configuration.

And finally, a video of Eryn's octopus dance. I hope you're not a shark.


MNObserver said...

Everytime I saw one of the photos of puking pumpkins, I thought of your posts of last year where your daughter was totally grossed out by pumpkin guts.


This year, with not a child in the house, I thought back to the time (1991) when they tried to trick-or-treat in the snow, but only got about 6 houses down the block before they had to turn home.

Cherish these days.

Scooter said...

We were very disappointed that there wasn't a puking pumpkin in the neighborhood this year. Not much decoration on that house at all - I worry they're not well.

I remember all that snow...Pooteewheet and I were trapped at The Children Under the Stairs (a special viewing - we got t-shirts!). It was quite a trip home.

LissyJo said...

Ah, the memories come flooding back. I was at a school dance because i believe that year halloween fell on a friday?

That costume is awesome!!!! Does Baby get to inherit it? I know of a few costume contests i can exploit her in...

Scooter said...

Absolutely - it certainly won't fit Eryn next year.

PrincessMax said...

Connor's costume is aligned with planetdan's penchant for dressing as a woman as a child. Apparently, Connor's mother doesn't share the same obsession with ruining his costume with a warm sweatshirt, though.

They are both adorable. Eryn and Connor, I mean. Planetdan is a little disturbing.

Scooter said...

Conner really needed a warm sweatshirt. He's just very adverse to wearing one. It was in the 30s or low 40s last night...little cold for trick or treating in a dress if you have no body fat.