Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cross Country YouTube-ing

Before I get to the picture details, here are some videos from the vacation so far. I'll add sordid details in the non-YouTubish version. I can't imagine most of these are of interest to the general public. But Joe the Povert might be interested in the video of rain in New Mexico.

Eryn does the Monkey Dance at our first hotel:

Contrary to what everyone believes about the Southwest, it rains...and rains...and rains. This is New Mexico raining - part of two days of rain:

John and Eryn dance and discuss the snow and rain:

Eryn at White Sands. We didn't get to do the whole tour of White Sands as IT WAS RAINED OUT. Flooding, you know:

We finally got to Tucson, and Eryn took the opportunity to run, run, run. She wanted nothing more than to go Zero Pounds Wasted all over the place...whatever was the opposite of sitting in a carseat for four days:

I took Eryn miniature golfing for the first time. She loved it...fortunately there are two courses, so she can go back with grandpa later. Note that she's pretty good about getting the ball to the cup. Grandpa Larry might be very interested to see that she's a candidate for taking to the green:

Another golfing video. This was the first hole where it popped out somewhere else. It greatly confused Eryn - she thought we were supposed to go back to the start and get another ball. Seems a naturally obvious thing to do given her experience with video games, I suppose:

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