Sunday, October 15, 2006

All Back and Settled In

After 8 hours in the air yesterday...actually 5 hours, with 1.5 hours on the ground in Vegas, and another 1.5 hours on the ground in the plane that was delayed due to storms outside Vegas, Eryn and I are officially back and settled in. Baggage unpacked. Pooteewheet happy to see us. Relatives from the other side already making up time by visting today (got to meet my niece Sofia for the first time today - I was in Chicago when she was born, I just wasn't available to visit).

Eryn and I had a great time driving my Grandma from Minnesota to Arizona. Eryn is now fully cognizant that "Grandma Madeline" is Dad's mom and refers to her as Grandma Madeline, rather than "old Grandma" as she did last year when we visited her in Yuma (my nephew started that). Four days seems like a long time to travel in a minivan across the U.S. with your grandmother/great-grandmother (depending on whether you're me or Eryn), but it was just enough time to really have some fun and get to hang with Grandma more than I had since I was a just-teenager (and the most ever for Eryn). We have some good pictures to hang on Eryn's wall now so she can remember her vacation with (Great) Grandma and meeting her (Great) Aunt Bonnie and (Great) Uncle John for the first time.

Sort of related, here are some leftover videos from the trip. The Saxaboom...annoying horn that must have been created in hell. If you doubt me, put it on a loop and watch it for a few hours.

And Pokey and Gumby mugging for the camera with a touching kiss from Gumby at the end. I'm sure it'll leave you with a warm feeling for the day.

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