Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Ass Pile of Kitty Litter

Did I ever mention I love Log Parser 2.2? Yeah yeah, I know, for people too lazy to learn PERL. But the fact that it capitalizes on SQL experience I already have and it's free, makes me feel all warm in the pit of my stomach, like I just had a good glass of scotch.

I have become possessive of the books I read to Eryn. I no longer allow Pooteewheet to read the "next chapter" of the book I was reading before she got there. I carefully book mark it and set it in my own pile in Eryn's room so I can resume the next evening. We read Judy Moody this way, although only I belong to the T.P. Club.

I've come to understand Eryn very well. The other day I found an orange icey in the bottom of the new chest freezer and thought it had just fallen out of the holder for the freezer Eryn can reach with her step stool (the freezer is counterweighted so she can't get stuck - don't freak out). So I put it back. Two days later, it was on the bottom of the freezer again. So when I came upstairs, I asked Eryn, "Did you throw the orange icey on the bottom of the freezer because it has a bend in it?" Eryn, "Mmm hmmm."

So, finally, on to the Big Ass Pile of Kitty Litter. My neighbor Steve, who used to be married to my coworker Christy, who has family who reads my blog...well, he has a big pile of kitty litter in front of his house. But it's not just in his yard in front of his house, but rather firmly in the street, taking up one full side of the road. Cars slow way down and drive around it, and I'm scared to think what will happen when the bus comes by in the morning. I'll probably be out there with several boards, a shovel, and six pounds of catnip. I tried to grab a video of a car worrying about running over it for YouTube, but failed. But here's a good picture - you can see where children have been playing in the road and kids on bikes have been jumping through it. Here comes a kid now! And is that a blue Lego on the right? Steve has created an attractive nuisance that serves to make kids play in the road...good one, Steve.


She says said...

"Attractive nuisance" doctrine? You sound like a lawyer!


Scooter said...

Look - it attracted Eryn and a biker just while I was standing there. Obviously there's some truth to it. You know she wants to play with that Lego.

For that matter - it attracted gawkers and annoying photobloggers! Its attractive nuisanceness is cross segment.