Sunday, August 13, 2006

Umbrella Time

A pretty quiet weekend for the Scooter clan. Mostly some movies, some reading and some playing in the rain. Pooteewheet and I both went to see The Descent (that's her review - here's RottenTomatoes) on separate nights. I agree with her review, though I would add that any horror movie in which they kill the tall, attractive, British brunette earlier than the rest of the victims gets an immediate thumbs down from me that it is forced to recover from for the rest of the film. That recovery wasn't going to happen in The Descent as the first half, the claustrophobic crawling through caves part, was really the creepiest part. Cavers are freaking nuts, even when they're not crawling around hidey holes with monsters and their dead husband's mistress. I drink beer so no one can invite me along on an expedition, I simply wouldn't fit.

Note that we didn't go to Pulse, which got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently, we have standards. That should also keep us away from Zoom with Tim Allen, which scored a 0%. Way to go - that would seem to actually require effort.

Barnyard, The Original Party Animals, which we took Eryn to on Friday, was almost as scary as The Descent in some parts, when the coyotes were jumping all over the farm animals. No blood, but it was perhaps just a wee bit violent for our taste, particularly as the main character's father is actually buried after his encounter with the predators. Some funny scences with cows in cars, however.

Here's Eryn doing a bit of spinning in the rain.

And Eryn playing hide and seek with the camera using the umbrella.

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She has the most fantastic squeal. Jones' pop needs to bottle that as well.