Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sphincter Sunday

According to PBS Dragon Tales, this is a knuckerhole.

Then, this morning, there was an advertisement for The Doodlebops where Moe is in a gift box that has a big hole in the front. It reminded me of nothing quite so much as going to school at the U of MN and learning to avoid the library bathrooms because the holes in the wall were there for a particular purpose. There's a coffee lady at the coffee shop closest to my cube whose name is a derivation of Glory Hole, just like those holes. This is why parents should keep up to date on sexual's just mean to your children to not be hip enough to avoid the obviously avoidable. Which brings up a further point, that I once worked for the state creating a database of rest stops, in part so that more frequent maintenance might serve to curb rest stop sex, including through glory holes.

I don't bring up these things for any particular reason - just to show that my mind seems to be mired in the gutter lately.


She says said...

Well, I appreciate the informative post because prior to reading it, I was ign'ant on this particuar piece of knowledge.

And now I'm not.


Scooter said...

Part of my mission statement for this blog is to spread knowledge and enlightenment, even the kind people don't want.