Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tales From Two States

It really starts to tell when I don't have time to read the blogs or news, because I miss stories about my own little corner of the world that absolutely should not be missed. How can I have spent the day not knowing that a significant portion of the U.S. was wondering what's wrong with Minnesota (Wonkette). Zombies in the streets with weapons of mass destruction mistaken for criminal clowns? Damn special.

"Six men and women wearing “ghoulish makeup” for a Zombie Dance Party were arrested in downtown Minneapolis on suspicion of toting “simulated weapons of mass destruction.” They wore backpacks with “wires sticking out, making it look like a bomb, while meandering and dancing to music.”

Police Inspector Janee Harteau said police were on high alert “because they’d gotten a bulletin about men who wear clown makeup while attacking and robbing people in other states.” "

The story from my parents' state (AZ - in Pandagon) isn't quite so funny, after all, a lot of people lost a lot of money. But they were religious folks trying to profit from religious construction ($585 million worth!). Maybe the praying isn't working because your god is trying to tell you that greed isn't a sanctioned virtue.
"Over 11,000 investors were drawn in with pious bible beating sales pitches, spun tales that money put into an enterprise were going fund the construction of Southern Baptist churches and they would deliver above-market returns. Of course William Pierre Crotts and Thomas Dale Grabinski didn’t know what they were doing and soon the whole shell game was falling apart, with new investors needed to new pay off the skyrocketing debt."

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