Friday, July 28, 2006

Strange Things

Mean Mr. Mustard sort of bummed me out today with his lunch time talk about how perhaps the GOP isn't voting for minimum wage increases because it makes enlisting seem like a better option. Fortunately, they're willing to give a little if it means more money for the rich after they're dead.

She Says cheered me up, however, with her YouTubish Colbert Report post where Colbert interviews D.C. Congresswoman Norton. Good stuff. If you haven't seen him making fun of Good Morning America for criticising his show, that's also worth a look-see.

I saw a piece of E! News today where they were talking about Hillary Duff. The segment involved interviewing Ryan Seacrest about Hillary Duff. They were interviewing the show's host about the subject of the interview, and it was not a Colbert-esque spoof. Idiots.

I saw a plastic lizard lounging in the middle of 55 on the way home last night, near Minnehaha Park. I can only assume he came out from the tunnel to sun himself.

When I was at Chicago O'Hare the other week, I sat next to a guy who was on the phone with a friend and was explaining to him that their mutual friend had it all wrong and simply did "not understand the Holy Spirit business". He went on to further explain that just because Jesus said it doesn't mean it's what you should do. Really? I thought it was called Christianity for a reason. Holyspiritanity probably wouldn't have gotten quite so many recruits.

On Thursday I went to first floor to find a donut at the other end of the building. As I was walking back, two ladies were in front of me, walking side by side. We all walked the entire length of the building, about 2 minutes of walking, entirely quiet. They just walked side by side, and I focused on the deliciousness of my donut and whether I might eat it without being seen (I'm sort of of the opinion that eating donuts in the hallways can get you blacklisted as management material). When we got to the stairs at the end of the hallway, the second woman looked at the first and said, "That is the most sausage gravy I have ever heard of." Two minutes and no talking and then that! That had to be a lot of sausage gravy to generate two minutes of shock and awe.

There was an article on Yahoo about how they found the Graf Zeppelin off the coast of Poland, Nazi Germany's only air craft carrier. This amuses me because Dan'l's Uncle Bill used to buy air craft carriers for Germany when we played Axis and Allies (I think I've mentioned it before) and the Graf Zeppelin met the same fate as every one of his German air craft carriers. I think Kyle and Dan'l can both appreciate that this is what Uncle Bill always hoped for, yet he was never destined to see.

Dad left this weird photo on my computer at some point. I don't know why. And I also don't know why he messed up that shoreline by stacking all of those rocks so unnaturally. Chewing ice is much easier.

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