Saturday, July 01, 2006

Slip and Slide

Addendum: I notice the video is not viewable yet. I'm still new to this YouTube thing, and it looks as though I shouldn't actually post a link to a video until it's available, as processing time from upload to presentation can take quite a while (18 hours or so in this case). If you can't see it right now, try it again in a little while - it'll work. I'll change my linking in the future so I don't post until it's definitively out there.

Today we put up the slip and slide for the second time. We haven't been able to get Eryn to really use it except as a glorified sprinkler, so we invited Conner over to see if he could show her the ropes. For the first hour or so, he wasn't having it either, but he finally figured out that the plastic slide was there for getting a run at the thing, and you'd just slide that much further.

So, I present Conner slipping and slidding in the Scooter Family back yard (note, Cookie Queen, I didn't put up the video with you being sort of a potty mouth in the background).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - I don't remember exactly what I was saying, but I do remember it wasn't suitable for a children's video. Work won't let me view the video, so I'll have to do it from home. Darn filters!