Thursday, July 06, 2006

Posting from Opera 9

This is my first post from Opera 9. Neither Yahoo nor Blogger are particularly fond of it when it comes to inline editing - the WYSIWYG editor refuses to do anything other than allow me to type in my HTML manually and the upload file for Yahoo mail doesn't do anything at all. It just sits there staring at me like I've lost my mind. So, other than total non-support, I like Opera 9 plenty. It has tabbing, and tabbing with tab preview to boot - you can float over the tabs to get an idea of what's on the tab before you commit. It has an aggregator for RSS feeds (as well as discovery), and another area where you can handle your bittorrents without using a separate program. Putting a bittorrent address into the address bar will actually push the bittorrent there automatically.

It's got a "I don't want my wife to know I've been surfing for porn" button that allows automatic cleanup of all downloaded materials and history. And if you're using a public computer and hoping around a bit, it'll clean up all of that and any saved passwords so it doesn't appear as though you ever sat down (useful if you don't want to leave a password behind for someone else to read). It has a widgets feature that drops floating applets into your space so you can search for bittorrents or play a game of Tetris on top of the screen while you wait for a download (I like the tetris game that's played like you're in a three dimensional circular area - Torus).

Nice javascript/css error console, ability to tailor access from different sites easily (cookies, images, etc). Right click to check spelling, add a message about the site (if you use the Opera communities), or create a search. Trash can to recover your removed tabs if it was an accident. Fast Forward and Fast Backward (like forward/backward, but all the way to the end of the history).

Definitely worth checking out if you're interested in something different.

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