Monday, July 17, 2006


I think this will particularly appeal to Mean Mr. Mustard, it's Christian Pirate Puppets! (via Pharyngula). It might be of interest to note that Black Bart, the most famous pirate of all time was a teetotaller and a devout Christian, holding Sunday services aboard his pirate ship. I learned this on "Real Pirates" on televsion the other day, not by watching Pirates of the Carribbean.

Local restaurant where Scooter eats, Que Viet...really a front for ecstasy and illegal computer dealing - "Local detectives say a chain of popular restaurants is actually a shill business for a vast drug dealing and money laundering operation." That explains why the fried rice and egg rolls were so good (via Ming).

She Says breaks down law degrees as they apply to the House and Senate. She doesn't state how many of them once worked for my company or use our product. Remember, She Says, holding public office is a

Wonder why James Dobson is so James Dobson-esque?...(via AmericaBlog)
"One day he made the mistake of mouthing off when she was only four feet away and heard a 16-pound girdle whistling through the air. "The intended blow caught me across the chest, followed by a multitude of straps and buckles wrapping themselves around my midsection."


Anonymous said...

Black Bart - I saw the same pirate show. I loved when he read a passage from the Bible, and then interpreted it to mean the world was theirs for the taking.

Scooter said...

We really should hang more often. If we're just going to watch the same damn shows, we could watch them together over beer.