Monday, June 26, 2006


It seems sort of strange that my company health plan has a drug formulary that excludes the version of a drug for my wasp sting that has almost no side effects in favor of the slightly cheaper one that makes me so sleepy as to be almost nonfunctional while it's at its peak. An hour after I take a pill my eyes start drooping, thirty minutes after that I'm crabbier than a bear after fish season, and thirty minutes after that I'm almost conked out (so at least the crabbiness isn't long lived). Isn't it cheaper to just pay the extra $10 or so for the other drug than for me to lose a few days of productivity or argue with the drug company that it'll interfere with my work productivity?

Oh well, I'll be catching up on four days of email anyway - I think I can do that with only half my brain involved.

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