Sunday, June 25, 2006


I told Kyle not so long ago that Eryn was seriously interested in Floam. If you watch much television, you've seen commercials for the stuff - make a dinosaur, do this, do that, you can do it all with Floam! Eryn has absolutely figured out that when they show you things on television, you can buy them, attend them (movies), or do both (commercial product tie in to a movie at McD's). Floam has been her holy grail. It used to be "Eryn really wants that." Then it was "Eryn really wants Floam." And then, after she got used to her later-than-usual use of the personal pronoun (she can read out of my MSDN magazine, but she still wouldn't say "I"), "I really want Floam." What she hadn't figured out was Mom and Dad's personal belief system regarding things you buy off television, particularly vis-a-vis the price point of $19.95 for styrofoam + kerosene + food coloring.

All this was remedied when we saw the equivalent of Floam at Galleria on Thursday. After spending a full day hanging out at the duplex watching some poor smuck move several hundred square foot swaths of carpet from his van to my basement (I offered to help, but they always say no, I think it's an insurance thing) in a manner that seemed designed to remove years from his life in front of my very eyes, Pooteewheet and I celebrated the new look of the plex by having a late lunch at Big Bowl in the Galleria (there's a social inequality/economics lesson there I believe, but I refuse to dwell on it too deeply as it involves me). Afterwards, we were walking through Creative Kids Stuff and I noticed the faux Floam for only $10.00. It was like I was saving $9.95 and another 40 or 50 Floam commentaries. So, without further ado...I bring you a very happy Eryn (there are big grins in the other photos - here she's serious about the task at hand) and her faux Floam. Note - no dinosaurs as of yet - once you mix the faux Floam, it's extremely difficult to get apart, so she's yet to make the leap to serious integration of the faux Floam - for now it's a policy of miscegenation.

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