Thursday, June 22, 2006


While I was perusing Amazon, this little advertisement appeared because of my AmazonBot.

Remember These?

Red hot Cinnamon Toothpicks are low in fat and high in flavor. They're just one of the retro treats and candy you'll find in Gourmet Food.

Do I remember these? Do I ever! I remember my sister drinking the entire bottle of cinnamon extract my brother and I kept around for cinnamon toothpicks - she drank it until it burnt her mouth and throat and made her violently ill and how absolutely pissed my mother was at my brother and I for leaving it where she could get hold of it. Only time I've ever seen Mom more angry than when we kept sneaking out of our rooms after a double nursing shift and no sleep. I remember it clearly because she was absolutely over the top yelling and the gist of it was "why the hell did you leave a bottle of cinnamon extract where you sister could drink it!?" and the only thing I could think, but knew better than to articulate, was, "don't lots of people have it in their baking cupboards?"

While it was stupid to leave it where a little sister could find it and drink it, we were later somewhat absolved of our culpability when LissyJo drank an entire bottle of strawberry shampoo. It oozed out of her skin for what seemed like forever - she sweated the damn stuff, and her breath smelled like strawberries that had gone well past their shelf life. Personally, I think it was early onset pica.

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Anonymous said...

YES THOSE WERE THE DAYS! You also ended up in ER at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego getting your stomach pumped by your mother and a tec. Your mother took you to ER and they informed her she would have to wait for a Doctor. (did not wait) She grabed a tec and he got the equipment and drugs she needed to pump your stomach then she signed the paper work. At the same time she wraped a leg or foot of some young patient and signed the paper work. The hospital was probably wondering for years who this person was that signed all the paper work. Your brother got bit by a turtle! And, Sister got bit by a goffer after you and your brother convinced her to stick her hand in a hole. It attached itself to her finger and ended up in the frizer for testing. Yes Those were the days!