Thursday, May 11, 2006

The White Donut

I run the treat list at my place of employment - not for several thousand people, but for a small group of a dozen developers, managers, directors and architects, most of who have known each other for the last six years. The typical treats brought in include donuts, bagels, Krispy Kremes, homemade goodies, and even Spunkmeyer muffins. All items get a pretty good working over, but I have noticed one thing in one ever seems to eat the donuts with the white frosting. I suppose it's vanilla, but I always just think of it as white. Doesn't matter if there was one in the opening donut salvo, it's left at the end of the day. Three of them...all left at the end of the day, sitting in the treat cube getting crustier and nastier.

I personally just prefer the taste of chocolate frosting, but is that the case with everyone, or is there some other perception about white frosting donuts? Maybe people think they taste like chalk? Maybe the general archtetype of a donut is the chocolate donut, and the white donut doesn't fit the perception, sort of like that stupid story about Columbus' ships and the Native Americans in that horrible What the Bleep movie Pooteewheet and I couldn't watch all the way through (congrats, by the way, because we can sit through almost anything, after all, we sat through One True Thing)?

It bothers me, because donut makers must know these are wasted donuts on some level, so why include them in the donut box? Because there just might be one guy at the receiving location who likes white frosting donuts? Is it the same guy who eats the seven grain, raisin cinnamon bagel with the sunflower seeds on top (I refuse to buy those - you get the 540 calorie Panera cinnamon kind from me on my treat day, and that's without the flavored cream cheese).

Use the white donut as a metaphor for my week at work...I think it's valid.

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Anonymous said...

Apply for a 1/2 million government grant to study why the white donut is neglected.