Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Am In A Mood

My dog bit me. Sandy was nose deep in a bowl of sunflower seeds Eryn had left on the floor - I reached for them, she bit - bunch of bruises, a little bit of blood (she's 90#, not small). I don't think I've ever yelled at something so loud in my life. Now I know better than to reach for food near a dog's mouth, and if I had just made enough noise that she knew she was caught she would have bolted for her kennel, but still...I am damn pissed as it could have been Eryn reaching for the sunflower seeds.

So...options for Sandy. Send the dog to the pound. The dog that can't be trusted not to pee and poop on the floor when your back is turned. The dog that weasels her way past gates into the basement so she can eat cat puke and cat poop near the cat's litter box. The dog that has to have a special cage reinforced with chain, wood paneling where she chews threw, a shock collar to keep her from barking, cinder blocks refinforced with rebar along the bottom edge of the pen, an extra lock on the door, and a wire to keep her in even if she does chew her way out, despite ramming wire into her eye. The dog that means you can't have discount home owner's insurance because she's part Rottie. The dog that actively dislikes the kid because she has food and the dog doesn't. You can see the end result of that option for Sandy.

So no...we've had her since the duplex, we'll manage until she gives it up to old age or becomes downright mean. But now in addition to not being able to be out of her indoor kennel during the day because of the poop, pee, cat puke/poop thing, and not being able to be outside because of the barking, even through the shock collar, she'll have to be shut up during all meals and snack times, or at least separated from said meals/snacks by a child gate, or banished outside with a shock collar that doesn't provide warnings.

If anyone has better options, we're all ears.


Anonymous said...

When was your last tetness shot? Did you scrub it good with a brush and soap or iodine soap? Sorry to hear the dog did that. Sandy, is getting old but she should know better. Please let Eryn know that she is not to go near Sandy when she has food. Think this over. Sandy, bit once, this could be the start of a bigger problem.
Dad, Grandpa.

She says said...

My dog did the same thing, but to my little sister when she was about Eryn's age or younger. Nipped her, and if I remember correctly, in the face. My dad went into orbit, as you might imagine. My sister was unphased.

It's not the dog's fault exactly (instinct to defend the food), but the behavior cannot be tolerated either. Maybe some training for both the dog and Eryn (to stay away when she's eating)? Moving the dog's food dish to a place where Eryn isn't likely to wander? Only feeding the dog at certain times (like first thing in the morning)?

Good luck. I hope it doesn't happen again.