Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hypnotic Dancing

While stuck at the local Caribou during my weekend biking fiasco, I was stuck reading whatever I could get my hands on as I don't generally carry any sort of reading material in the little pack on my road bike. Caribou didn't have much for free other than a "The Learning Annex" course catalog which, as near as I can tell, was there solely because there's a presentation coming up with Michael Coles, the Caribou Coffee CEO.

Yet inside I found a gem, a course on "Exotic Dancing: It's more than just 'Dancing Sexy'", which will teach (women presumably) "props to use", "kinds of sexy outfits to wear", and "how to give a good lap dance." It goes without saying that it will increase your confidence, self-esteem and make you more sexy. I pointed it out to Pooteewheet, carefully keeping in reserve one bit of information. The answer, of course, was "hell, no" (I may be paraphrasing - it might have been more strongly worded), at which point I noted that she would be attending a hypnotherapy course for three days this weekend and the exotic dancing course was run by a clinical hypnotherapist. It's not just sexy dancing, it's sexy, hypnotic dancing, like Amanda Donohoe in The Lair of the White Worm (that poor, poor Boy Scout). Obviously, it's not just about the lap dance skills, it's about being an affective and "delightfully wicked" therapist.

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PTW said...

Didn't I tell you the special small group thing I chose for the Thursday evening portion of the hypnosis seminar is called "Lap Dance Spectacular"?