Monday, May 15, 2006

G Spot

Today I had to create some guest access and a write up for a third party content provider for my application so his company could test a feature they were writing for us. I wrote up a nice long email with lots of appropriate links, his own demo area and a guest password that expires in a year and shipped them off. An hour later I received an email noting that his "G password" didn't work.

Having worked with my application a long time, I knew immediately that he was trying to access our system not by putting his guest password in the appropriate box for G password entry, but in the friendly username/password area above that. The first thing that leapt to mind was, he absolutely had the wrong g-spot. I didn't know him well enough for that sort of talk, however, so I just sent him a scrape in Paint with a red circle and the words "insert password here".

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