Thursday, May 11, 2006

Flipping the Burley

So yesterday, on the way to work, I took the long way. I had to swing past the bank and needed to relax, so I decided to add several blocks to my ride and make it almost a full ten miles. This took me into new territory, territory not designed for bikes where the ramps as you went off the curb and onto the next curb slowly shrank in width until they weren't quite wide enough for the Burley I had behind my bike for picking up Eryn after work.

So, in front of hundreds of morning commuters, I hit a particularly narrow ramp doing about twenty mph and launched the (closed topped, because it was looking like rain) Burley skyward, flipping it onto its side, where it remained as it slammed forcefully into the ground approximately three times. I hopped off my bike, flipped it upright, hopped back on and started pedaling without a second thought, only moments later noticing all the cars slowing way down to give me a truly horrified look. I suppose, in retrospect, it didn't look so good on my part, but Eryn wasn't in the Burley, honest.


Anonymous said...

So that is how you cover up a broken arm! You are a precieved danger to my grand daughter. Is their a safety riding class as motorcycles have? The motorcycle class has training on how to pull trailors and ride three wheelers. Guess I will have to just come up and protect her the first week end of June.

LissyJo said...

That's pretty funny...You should have done some yelling and finger shaking before you got back on your bike as well.

She says said...

"Flipping the Burley" sounds like an obscene gesture that you might make after crashing a bike trailer.